RideMyVibe is more than an artist. To his hometown of Morristown, Tennessee he is a pillar of success and often identified as the chosen one. Coming from a low income area it took more than talent for RideMyVibe to gift his talent to the world, it took commitment. With a musical background dating all the way back to 2 years old of age, RideMyVibe was a natural instrumentalist and a star. Playing the drums and singing started off being a major passion for RideMyVibe at an early age and his parents noticed it. Many years of good and bad were geared towards molding RideMyVibe into the musical genius he is today.

With hit records like “Right Back” and “Gone Tomorrow” this artist has transformed the way the human race digests music. So remember, RideMyVibe is more than an artist. RideMyVibe is energy!


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